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We acknowledge the importance of personal data safety. To provide you with methods and principles we apply to data management on this website, we established this Privacy Policy. Please read this section before you start using lpcnj.org.

Please note that by using our website you confirm that you agree with our Privacy Policy.

1. What Kind of Information We Collect

We gather the following information from you, personally identifiable information and non-personally identifiable information.

Personally identifiable information is the sort of data that allows to recognize you as an individual. You provide us with it when you sign up and start submitting a request. This information may include but is not limited to: your full name, date of birth, place of residence, phone and mobile phone number, driver’s license, social security number, relevant employment details, income, banking account, credit history, military status.

Non-personally identifiable information relates to the data that doesn’t reveal anything about your identity. This information is anonymous and may include but is not limited to: IP address, Internet provider, browser, language, time of browsing session, clicks, links you followed, etc. Such kind of data is collected through cookies, web beacons and pixel tags.

Cookies are tiny pieces of data sent by a website you visited and stored at your computer. The terms of web beacons and pixel tags are associated with small transparent graphic images that allow to track behavior of website visitors.

2. Why We Collect This Information

Collecting personal details of users is necessary for business management, technical support improvement and marketing research. We also need your private data to process your application and get you connected with one of our lenders.

3. How We Share Your Personally Identifiable Information

By providing your personally identifiable information, you allow us to process your application and connect you with a lender. That also means that we have the right to share this information with a third party because a lender cannot approve your loan without knowing anything about you.

Please note that lenders may verify your personal information by sending requests to national databases and credit reporting agencies. Such inquiries may affect your credit score. We may share some of your data with our affiliates, partners and other accredited third parties for the purposes of business management, security, advertising, marketing, consumer behavior research, consumer support improvement.

We reserve the right to share your information with another company that has acquired our business, a part of it, or fused with us. In case such a situation takes place, it’s possible that we will inform you about these changes by email or with an announcement posted on our website. We may share your personally identifiable information if it is required by the law and is necessary to proceed with a legal process or to protect our rights.

4. How We Share Your Non-Personally Identifiable Information

By collecting and sharing your non-personally identifiable information with third parties, we improve our technical service, study behaviour of our customers and gather web statistics important to management of our business. We may share it with other third parties for these purposes.

5. Links Provided by Third Parties

When browsing our website, you may come upon links to third parties’ websites. All these links are given to you only as a reference. You click them on your own will. We do not manage those websites; therefore, we cannot be held accountable for their content, privacy policy, terms and practices as their management is beyond our responsibility and control.

6. Marketing Practices

By accessing our website, you acknowledge that you know about our marketing practices and agree with them. You have nothing against receiving advertisements, newsletters, marketing messages and other promotional materials from us.

Our third-party partners may also send you their marketing messages using all the contacts you’ve provided us with.

When you start using our website, you acknowledge that you are aware of our marketing practices and that you agree to receive such kind of messages from us and our third-party partners. In case you don’t want to receive marketing messages from us, contact us by email. Nevertheless, if you want to opt-out from third parties’ messages, you should contact them directly with this request.

Please note, that we are not responsible for marketing practices of third parties as we do not control them.

7. How We Protect Your Information

To keep your personal information secure, we use safeguards and advanced security systems that correspond to the US law requirements regarding this matter. Only authorized personnel can access your data. They may do so only for business purposes allowed by the current US legislation.

Despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee total safety of your data. This is impossible due to the fact that we are not able to control law violators.

8. Notice for Foreigners

We render our services exclusively to employed residents of the United States. If you are a foreigner, don’t access our website.

9. Notice for Minors

We render our services exclusively to people over 18 years old. If you are a minor, don’t access our website.

As seen above, we do not deliberately collect data from children. If you are a parent or a legal guardian of a child that accessed our website, please, inform us about the incident using our contacts.

10. Privacy Policy Changes

We reserve the right to revise, modify, update this Privacy Policy when we find appropriate to do so. We can revise, modify, update the Privacy Policy without notice. For this reason we encourage you to reread this section from time to time. If you keep accessing our website after we’ve changed the Privacy Policy, then it will mean that you agree with the changes.

11. How You Can Contact Us

If there is something you would like to discuss with us, please, send us a message using our email contact@lpcnj.org.

Disclaimer: lpcnj.org is not an offer or solicitation to lend. We do not make any loan or credit decisions and are not representatives, brokers or agents of any lender. Participating lenders offer loans from $200 up to $5,000. Not all lenders can offer you amounts up to $5,000. Our service is not available in all states. Submission of a request through this website does not guarantee that you will receive a loan offer or an offer you’ll be satisfied with. Funds transfer time may vary depending on your lender and/or financial institution. If you have any questions about your loan, please contact your lender directly. Credit checks may be performed with the three reporting credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Submission of a request means you are authorizing the lenders to check your creditworthiness and your personal details. This service is not a solicitation for loan products and does not constitute a loan offer for any loan products that are prohibited by state law. This service is void where prohibited.

State Availability: Not all lenders from our system operate in all US states. Residents of some US states may not be eligible for loan products in accordance with their legislation. By selecting your State at the start of our loan offer process, you shall be informed of any limitations regarding obtaining a loan if you reside in individual US states. This website collects personal information and transfers it to its third-party partners. The website contains links to third-party websites. Accessing them may result in commission. Please note that personal loans should not be treated as financial cure-it-all. If you have major budget difficulties, consult specialists first.