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Libertarian Party of Central New Jersey

Rewrite to change name and allow for additional counties - Adopted 26 August 2005

1. Name:

The name of this association shall be the Libertarian Party of Central New Jersey hereinafter referred to as "The Party". The Party shall be affiliated with the New Jersey Libertarian Party (NJLP).

2. Purpose and Goals:

The purpose of the Party is to promote, through all levels of society, the libertarian ideal that the initiation of force should not be used for achieving political or social goals. The goals of the Party are to promote the growth of the Libertarian Party through the constant recruitment of new members, to establish and maintain a Libertarian political party infrastructure in the affiliated central New Jersey counties , and to place Libertarians in political office, with a focus on elections at municipal and county levels.

Specifically, the Party is a Political organization organized and operated primarily for the purpose of achieving or otherwise influencing the selection, nomination, election, or appointment of libertarian candidates to Federal, State, county, municipal or regional public or political office; the election of Presidential and Vice-Presidential electors; and the passage or defeat of public questions.

The Party may also engage in public education, member education, and civic affairs.

3. Membership:

3.1 Affiliated Counties: Those New Jersey counties who's NJLP members present at County Caucus at the NJLP Annual Convention or a General Meeting elect to affiliate with the LPCNJ as a combined County Committee, historically Somerset and Middlesex Counties.

3.2 Membership: Each NJLP member in good standing residing in the Affiliated Counties shall be a Voting Member of the Party, and voting shall be restricted to such NJLP members.

3.3 Membership List: Members shall be furnished, upon request to the Treasurer, a copy of the membership list at a reasonable cost of reproduction, provided that the membership list may be used only for official Party business and may not be disclosed to any other organization or nonmember individual.

4. Meetings, Quorum and Voting:
4.1 Meetings: There shall be three types of meetings:

4.1.a Caucus meetings at NJLP Meetings and Convention: These meetings shall be held according to the NJLP bylaws and only if required to maintain active status with the NJLP.

4.1.b Regular Meetings: Regular Meetings shall be held at least once a month on a date and time and at a place determined by resolution of the Voting Members. If a majority of the officers determines that there needs to be a change of the date, time or place of a regular meeting, the secretary shall provide notice to all Supporting and Voting Members as soon as practicably possible. In a month during which the party holds a caucus meeting, a regular meeting shall not be required.

4.l.c Special Meetings: The Chair may call or ten percent (10%) of the Voting Members plus three (3) Voting Members may call a special meeting. The date, time, and place of the meeting shall be included in the call. The secretary shall provide notice to all Voting Members as soon as practically possible prior to the Special Meeting.

4.2 Quorum: Whenever a meeting has been scheduled in accordance with these bylaws, it shall be considered a properly convened and legal meeting capable of transacting business. A quorum at any meeting shall consist of the Voting Members present. However, in order to remove any officer, terminate any membership, revoke a Charter, vote to dissolve The Party, or amend these bylaws, a quorum of one twentieth of the Voting Members as of the current or most recent NJLP convention shall be required but this number shall not be less than 5.

4.3 Voting: In order to remove any officer, terminate any membership, revoke a Charter, vote to dissolve The Party, or amend these bylaws, a two thirds majority of the Voting Members present shall be required. All voting must be done in person and not by proxy.

5. Involuntary Termination of Membership and Recall of Officers:

No membership shall be involuntarily terminated nor shall any officer be recalled unless such termination or recall is brought before the Voting Members at a properly convened meeting.

5.1 Standards for Recall of an Officer: The standard to be applied by the Voting Members in reaching their decision in the case of recall of an officer shall be whether the officer is derelict in the performance of the duties conferred upon him or her by these bylaws.

5.2 Standards for Termination of a Membership: The standard to be applied by the Voting Members in reaching their decision in the case of termination of a membership shall be whether the member's conduct is injurious or potentially injurious to the Party or any member thereof.

5.3 Procedure: If ten (10%) percent of the Voting Members plus three Voting Members desire to terminate any individual's membership, they shall sign a petition to that effect and direct it to the Chair who shall forthwith provide written notice to the member whose termination is sought. Such notice shall include the date, time, place and purpose of the meeting and shall be served by certified mail no later than fourteen (14) days in advance of the meeting. The member whose removal is sought shall be given an opportunity to speak in his or her defense at the meeting.
Officers may be recalled by resolution at any meeting consistent with the quorum and majority requirements stated elsewhere in these bylaws.

6. Officers:

There shall be a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. Elections for these offices shall be held at Caucus Meetings as specified in the NJLP bylaws. Any Voting Member eighteen years of age or older may be an officer. The Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer shall collectively constitute the Board of Trustees. No person shall hold more than one office concurrently.

6.1 Voting: Nominations shall be received from the floor. Nominees must be Voting Members. The elections shall be by counted vote and shall include a "NOTA - none of the above" category. Voting Members may vote for as many nominees as they wish. All votes will be counted equally and the nominee who receives a plurality of the votes shall be declared the winner. In the case of a tie, a runoff ballot will be held with each Voting Member casting one vote. Voting must be done in person and not by proxy.

6.2 Vacancies: If "NOTA - none of the above" wins any election for which there was another nominee, the office shall remain unfilled. If an office becomes vacant for any other reason, a special election shall be held at the next Regular Meeting. Until such special election is held, the Chair shall designate a Voting Member to assume the duties of the vacant office unless the vacancy is the office of the Chair.

6.3 Duties of the Chair:

6.3.a The Chair, as executive officer of the Party, is responsible that all officers and committees are functioning and carrying out their individual responsibilities.

6.3.b He or she shall prepare an agenda for and preside at all Party meetings in accordance with rules set out in the most current edition of Robert's Rules of Order.

6.3.c He or she shall be a voting ex-officio member of all standing committees and shall personally attend, or designate the Vice Chair to attend, meetings of committees whenever necessary or advisable.

6.3.d He or she shall appoint special committees as the need arises.

6.3.e He or she shall appoint the chair and members for each Standing Committees on the basis of talents, interest and willingness of members. The tenure of such appointees shall be at the discretion of the Chair.

6.4 Duties of the Vice Chair:

6.4.a The Vice Chair shall assume the duties of the Chair in the Chair's absence or removal and generally assist the Chair.

6.4.b He or she may be designated by the Chair to attend meetings of committees in the chair's stead, in which capacity the Vice Chair shall have all the privileges and responsibilities of the Party's Chair.

6.5 Duties of the Secretary:

6.5.a The Secretary shall be custodian of the bylaws and shall keep an accurate copy of the current version as well as prior versions and amendments.

6.5.b He or she shall accurately record in permanent records, all minutes of the meetings.

6.5.c He or she shall conduct all official correspondence of the Party.

6.5.d He or she shall maintain an accurate list and keep an accurate attendance record of all Voting Members.

6.5.e He or she shall be responsible for notifying Voting Members of the date, time and place of Regular and Special meetings.

6.5.f He or she shall preside over any meeting in which both the Chair or Vice Chair are absent.

6.6 Duties of the Treasurer:

6.6.a The Treasurer shall maintain proper financial records and report them at all meetings.

6.6.b He or she shall prepare and submit any financial or tax reports as required.

6.6.c He or she shall maintain the Party membership list and prepare and mail renewal notices.

6.6.d He or she shall make available the Party's financial records for examination at every meeting.

6.6.e He or she shall promptly pay all duly authorized bills.

6.6.f He or she shall observe sound accounting practices in maintaining ail records and shall suggest and institute improvements wherever necessary.

6.6.g He or she shall be responsible to train his or her successor in the details and functions of the office of Treasurer.

7. Standing Committees:

Each Standing Committee shall have a permanent place on the agenda and a member of the committee shall report on the committee's progress at each and every meeting.

7.1 Recruitment Committee: There shall be a Recruitment Committee, which is responsible for recruiting new members.

7.2 Activities Committee: There shall be an Activities Committee which is responsible for involving the Party in demonstrations and parades as well as interfacing with the government.

7.3 Political Awareness Committee: There shall be a Political Awareness Committee that shall keep the membership informed of new and pending county and municipal laws, ordinances and regulations, and provide a liaison between the Party and municipal Libertarian organizations within the Affiliated Counties.

7.4 Public Relations Committee: There shall be a Public Relations Committee that shall make all available media aware of the Party's involvement in the community.

7.5 Auditing Committee: There shall be an Auditing Committee that shall audit the financial books and records of the Party at least annually. The Treasurer is prohibited from serving on this committee.

7.6 Program Committee: There shall be a Program Committee that shall be responsible for providing educational activities at Party events.

8. Endorsement of candidates:

8.1 Endorsement of candidates in partisan elections: The Party shall not endorse any candidate for public office in a partisan election appearing on the ballot in the Affiliated Counties unless he or she has been duly nominated by the Party, the Libertarian Party, or the New Jersey Libertarian Party, and will be listed on the ballot with the designation "Libertarian Party".

8.2 Endorsement of candidates in non-partisan elections: The Party shall not endorse any candidate for public office in a non-partisan election unless the candidate certifies in writing his or her opposition to the initiation of force as a means of achieving political or social goals.

9. Chapters:

9.1 Recognition: Whenever two or more residents of the same Municipality within the Affiliated Counties desire to form a Libertarian Party Chapter for the Municipality in which they reside, they shall present a petition seeking recognition, signed by at least two of the said residents, at a regular or special meeting of the Party. Upon presentation of such a petition, any Voting Member may move to grant a Charter to the new Municipal Party as a Chapter of the Party. No motion to grant a Charter to a Municipal Chapter shall be in order if there is another Chapter already recognized in that municipality.

9.2 Withdrawal of Recognition: A Charter may be revoked at a Regular or Special meeting called for that purpose provided that the quorum and other requirements stated elsewhere in these bylaws have been met. Previous notice of the motion shall be given at the preceding Regular meeting or a Special Meeting called for that purpose, providing that there are at least 15 days between the meeting at which previous notice is given and the meeting at which the motion is voted on. Notice of the motion must be sent via certified mail to the Chapter that is the subject of the motion at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting at which the vote will be taken. The standard to be applied by the Voting Members in reaching their decision in the case of revoking a Charter shall be whether the Chapter's conduct is injurious or potentially injurious to the Party, to any member of the Party, or to the purposes and goals of the Party.

10. Amendments:

These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the Party by a two-thirds vote, provided that the amendment has been submitted in writing at the previous regular meeting and that the quorum requirements stated elsewhere in these bylaws have been met. These bylaws may not be altered by the Board of Trustees.

11. Dissolution:

The Voting Members may vote to dissolve the Party by approving a plan of dissolution that is in accordance with Title 15A of the laws of the State of New Jersey. Such approval must meet the quorum and other requirements stated elsewhere in these bylaws and must be given for the identical plan of dissolution at two successive regular meetings. If the Party fails to organize as a single entity of at least two Affiliated Counties at a NJLP Caucus meeting; or if NJLP members of the Affiliated Counties vote to organize independently; or if the NJLP deactivates the Party, then, until such time as such failure, separation, or deactivation may be reversed, the Party shall cease to be an affiliate of the NJLP; vacancies for offices shall be filled as described elsewhere in these bylaws, and the terms of office for officers so elected shall be for one year or until their successors are elected.

Standing Orders
The Libertarian Party of Central New Jersey

1. Adopted December 17, 1990:
No person shall transmit any information that bears the LPCNJ's name or purports to represent LPCNJ's opinion on any matter to any media unless the transmission is first approved by a majority of the Public Relations Committee, the Chair, or the majority of the voting members present at any regular or special meeting.

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